Privacy-focused content internship

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Always wanted to work on the edge of innovation and have a positive impact by making the internet a safer place? Then this might be something for you👇

🧬 About Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics was founded in 2018 by privacy enthusiast and software engineer Adriaan van Rossum. It's a privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics that is cookieless by design and does not collect any personal data. We provide our customers with the information they need regarding their website while preserving the privacy of internet users.

To put it in plain English: Most businesses have websites, and to check their website statistics, most companies use Google Analytics. This is a free product built by Google, but it comes at a cost. Because you install Google Analytics on your website, Google tracks your website visitors and sells their data for advertising purposes.

We feel this needs to change, and we are not alone. Since 2018 the GDPR has come into effect to protect internet users' privacy. However, Google won't change because selling your data is their business model. Hence, there is a growing need for companies that do it differently.

🤩 The Challenge

You will be working at the edge of innovation and diving deep into privacy-related matters. Your focus is on research topics at the intersection of privacy and the internet.

Driving awareness and educating the world that there are privacy-first alternatives to Google Analytics is our main focus. We do this by creating relevant research that adds value to the privacy debate. This is where you come in and support us.

Examples of research topics we want to explore:

  • What are the latest news items, and how does this impact privacy law?
  • Transatlantic data transfer issues and effect on the use of Google Analytics?
  • How is big tech dealing with new privacy laws?

Example research conducted by DuckDuckgo.

In addition, you will be working closely with the team and deciding on relevant topics to grow Simple Analytics into the number 1 competitor for Google Analytics.

🎯 Who are we looking for?

You are:

  • currently following a bachelor's or master's studies and university level
  • available for at least five months
  • motivated and able to take responsibility rather quickly
  • interested in the privacy space

🤝 What do we offer?

We offer:

an internship in a growing startup that aims to make the internet a safer place a dynamic working environment an internship compensation of 500 euros per month flexibility to work from home a couple of days per week.

Is this you? Then apply directly! We would love to get to know you better.

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