Our promise

By Adriaan van Rossum | 2 min (~300 words / 130)

We started Simple Analytics to make the world a more privacy-first place. We believe that a movement like that thrives when it can be profitable at the same time. With a profitable business come choices where the original values can be in danger. To prevent Simple Analytics from taking this path we make a promise.

We will never collect personal information

We will never collect personally identifiable information (PII) of your visitors. This includes IP addresses, personal identifiers in cookies or fingerprints of any personal information. There are multiple descriptions of the term PII, we use the GDPR term of personal data.

We will never sell your data

We will never sell your data. You can always delete and download yours.

No tracking pixels on our platform

Ads are tempting for growing your business. We are not planning to use ads, but if we change our minds we will never send any information of our customers to those networks. Not by uploading lists of emails, not by embedding a pixel, not by sharing any information of our and your visitors, never.

Last third-party script

We use a payment provider called Stripe. This is the only third-party script running on our platform. We load their script only on our signup page, but we are planning to remove this last third-party script.


Why do we state our promise?

We state our promises because it makes it harder for us to change our view. If you are very open about certain values people expect you to behave that way in the future. People will tell you if you leave that path. Think about Googles slogan "Don't be evil", they get great pushback on that slogan. That's why we state our promise here and added them to the Internet Archive for future reference.